To properly calculate your total warehouse inventory value, create purchase orders (POs), and maintain analytics of vendor performance, you need to set up your vendors in Skubana.

To set up your vendors, follow the procedure below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings.
2. On the left sidebar, click Vendors.
3. On the Vendors page, click New Vendor.
4. On the New Vendor window, under the Basic Info section, enter the vendor's name, complete address, and telephone number. To allow Skubana to send auto-generated POs to the vendor directly, enter the vendor's email address as well. Otherwise, you may leave this blank.

Under the Services section, check the applicable boxes to indicate that the vendor is a supplier, manufacturer, and/or dropshipper. Suppliers do not produce any product, manufacturers can both produce and supply your products, while drop-shippers supply and fulfill their products to your customers in your name.

Under the P.O. (Purchase Order) Defaults section, to give Skubana the capability to seamlessly communicate purchases between you and your vendor, enter the P.O. Email, P.O. Fax, and P.O. File format. The P.O. email is the address to which Skubana will send auto-generated POs; you may enter your email address here if you do not want Skubana to send the auto-generated PO directly to the vendor. The P.O. Fax is a fax number to which the auto-generated PO can be sent. For the P.O file format, you can choose to send the PO as a PDF, email, or HTML attachment.

Still under the P.O. Defaults section, enter the incoterm, payment method, and item tax. For incoterm, use DAP (Delivered At Place), unless your vendor told you otherwise. The item tax is a percentage of the total product cost.

5. Once you are done entering the required vendor information, click Save to close the New Vendor window. On the Vendors page, the new vendor is added to your vendor list.

You will need to define FTP connection settings for your dropshippers. For more information on how to do this, see To Set Up a FTP Server Connection.

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