Extensiv Order Manager offers out-of-the-box integration with various shipping providers, e.g. FedEx, UPS, Endicia, etc. For general instructions on adding a shipping provider to Order Manager, see Adding Shipping Providers.

The DHL eCommerce Direct Integration is an entirely new integration as of April 2021 that is not attached to the previous, Endicia-managed DHL eCommerce integration. Once you connect DHL eCommerce as a shipping provider in Order Manager using the credentials supplied by DHL, you can rate and ship orders.

However, there are a few provider-specific details that deviate from the norm. See this article for those details.

Adding DHL eCommerce as a Shipping Provider

1. Go to the Settings module, Shipping Providers tab. Click the New Shipping Provider button. In the New Shipping Provider window, select DHL eCommerce Direct Integration from the list of shipping providers.

2. Fill in the Required fields with your account information from DHL.

  • You must select a DHL eCommerce Distribution Center that your provider will use. DHL describes this as a “distribution center where your packages are going to be lodged after pickup. Requires a valid US distribution center code. Refer here for more information.“

3. Click the Verify Integration button once you've filled out all the Required fields with your DHL account information. If the credentials successfully validate, you should see a confirmation message as well as the option to give your DHL eCommerce Shipping Provider its own unique name. Then click Finish.

After successfully integrating DHL eCommerce with Order Manager, you will be taken back to the Shipping Provider page, where you will see DHL eCommerce added to your list of shipping providers.

For more details on how the DHL eCommerce integration works, see this article.

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