⚠️ NOTE: If you'd like to utilize UPS Mail Innovations services and packages, reach out to your Account Manager or Order Manager Support to enable it for your account.

In order to utilize UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) to ship orders in Order Manager, you will first need to have UPS set up as a Shipping Provider. You can find instructions on how to do that here. UPS MI was formerly only offered via the Endicia shipping provider.


  • In order to use UPS MI services, your UPS account must be enabled to use the UPS MI services.

  • If the UPS MI services are not enabled for your account and you try to ship an order with one, you will receive a message from UPS when attempting to ship stating your account is not enabled and the shipment attempt will be denied.

  • Once you have your UPS account set up as a shipping provider in Order Manager, you'll simply need to ensure that the UPS MI services are selected to populate in the Order module as shipping service options.


  • Rating is not available for Mail Innovations services.

  • You cannot void a Mail Innovations shipment.

  • For returns using UPS MI, you must select "Mail Innovations Returns" as the Service and "My Packaging" as the Packaging.

  • You must use a MI Package with a MI Service. You cannot mix MI Package options with other non-MI UPS services.

  • For international shipments, the USPS Endorsement field will always be overridden to be “No Service Selected” since no other endorsements are possible.

  • UPS does not provide insurance coverage for UPS Mail Innovation shipments.

  • UPS Mail Innovations does not operate on weekends.


Mail Innovations USPS Endorsement

Since Mail Innovations utilizes USPS services, there are certain requirements USPS has for shipments, such as the "USPS Endorsement". These are directions of what should be done if delivery is unsuccessful. The following are the USPS Endorsement options:

  • Forwarding Service Requested

  • Return Service Requested

  • Address Service Requested

  • Change Service Requested

  • No Service Requested

NOTE: For international orders, "No Service Requested" will always be used as the USPS Endorsement value.

While most combinations of service, package, and endorsement are allowed, if a particular combination is not accepted by UPS, UPS will notify you with a message rejecting that combination.

You can select the USPS Endorsement in the Processing tab when editing an order. This field will only be visible when the Provider is set to UPS, and if the Service is an MI option.

  • UPS Mail Innovations delivers to P.O. Boxes

Package and Service Weight and Endorsement Restrictions

List of UPS MI Package Options

Standard Flat

BPM Flat

Media Mail

BPM Parcel

Parcel Post




First Class




My Packaging

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