If you have already defined your Amazon US, Amazon Germany, and/or Amazon UK sales channels in Skubana, and you use FBM, you can avail of Amazon Merchant-Fulfilled Prime Integration, which means that you can enroll your items in Amazon Prime even though you do not use FBA.

The potential advantages from participating in this program include:

  1. Greater revenues from having your items listed in Amazon Prime.
  2. Additional savings from shipping your Amazon Prime items directly to the customer, rather than shipping them to Amazon first.
  3. Additional savings from availing of Amazon's negotiated rates with associated carriers to ship your orders.

The procedure for Amazon Prime Merchant-Fulfilled integration in Skubana is discussed below.

NOTE: For general instructions on adding a shipping provider to Skubana, see Adding Shipping Providers.

1. On the New Shipping Provider window, select Amazon Services from the list of shipping providers.
2. On the Amazon Merchant-Fulfilled Prime Integration window, select the Amazon channel/s you want to enroll in the Amazon Merchant-Fulfilled Prime program.

3. Click the links to the program's Terms and Conditions on the Amazon US and Amazon EU (for Amazon Germany and Amazon UK accounts) websites to open your web browser. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions first before you can continue with the integration process. You may close the browser window once you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions.
4. On the Amazon Merchant-Fulfilled Prime Integration window, the shipping provider name is set to Amazon Services by default. You may change this to any name you want.
5. Click Finish to close the window and go back to the Shipping Provider page, where you will see the service added to your list of shipping providers.

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