Extensiv Order Manager offers out-of-the-box integrations with various shipping providers. For general instructions on adding shipping providers to Order Manager, see Shipping Providers.

To add Express 1 as a shipping provider, follow the steps below. Adding an Express 1 account gives you access to USPS Commercial Plus pricing, as well as an Endicia account.

1. Log in to Order Manager.

2. Go to the Settings module.

3. Click on Shipping Providers.

4. Click on the New Shipping Provider button.

5. In the New Shipping Provider window, select Express 1.

6. In the Express 1 Integration window, click Sign Up With Endicia.

Note: The Next button will not take you anywhere as the only way to connect with Express 1 is via the Endicia link.

7. This link should take you to Endicia's website where you will need to register for an Express 1 account. Enter the required info in the Better Shipping Starts Here section and click on the Continue button. Once you finish the Endicia process, return to Order Manager.

8. Repeat Steps 2 through 5.

9. Click Current Account, then enter your Account Number and Endicia Passphrase.

10. To ensure that your credentials are accepted, click the Verify Integration button. If they were entered correctly, you should see a confirmation message as well as the option to give your Express 1 Shipping Provider its own unique name.

11. Click Finish!

After completing these steps, Express 1 will be listed as a shipping provider in Order Manager under the Provider Name you gave it in Step 10.

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