Now that you have set up your vendors, it is time to import your vendor products into Skubana.

You can import vendor products on either a per vendor or all vendors basis.

To Import Vendor Products

1. On the Setup Wizard, click the 9. Vendor Products panel, then click Setup.
2. On the Vendor Products Setup window, click Import Vendor Products.
3. On the Vendor Product Import window, click the download link for the Vendor Product Import by Vendor Excel template, then download the file to your computer.

You need to enter your vendor product information into the spreadsheet before you can go on to Step 4.

For instructions on entering your vendor product information into the template, see Preparing Your Vendor SKU Spreadsheet.

4. Still On the Vendor Product Import window, select the vendor with the products for import, select the filled-up Excel template from your computer, then indicate whether you want the contents of the file to update existing SKUs and import new ones, or ignore existing SKUs altogether and import the new ones.

5. Click Continue. You will then see a message informing you that your vendor products are being imported into Skubana. Depending on the number of vendor products you are importing, this may take a while.

NOTE: An error log will be emailed to you in case Skubana encounters any errors with the file during the import process. Correct the errors, then repeat Steps 1-5, until there are no more errors.

6. Click Close.

NOTE: You can edit your existing vendor products, or add new ones, at any time by clicking Products on the toolbar, and clicking Import/Export, then Import Vendor Products on the Products page.

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