Current Additional Shopify Webhooks Options:

Our Basic Shopify webhooks integration will drastically increase the speed at which we download Shopify orders into your Skubana account. ⚠️ WARNING: These basic webhooks must be set up in order to use any additional webhook functionality listed above.

To set up Basic Webhooks:

  • Log into your Shopify store > go to Settings > Notifications
  • Scroll down to the bottom where the “Create webhook” button is and click it

First: Add the Order Payment webhook

Second: Add the Order Creation webhook

After saving both Order Creation and Payment webhooks:

  • Copy the signature (65 characters) from Shopify
  • Go back to your Skubana account > Settings > Sales Channels > Select your Shopify integration > Edit
  • Navigate into the Connections tab > Edit Integration and check the box for "Enable Webhooks"
  • Paste the Signature from your Shopify account
  • Authorize with Shopify by clicking the Launch Shopify Authorization button.
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