To manually add a listing SKU to a product, follow the steps below.

1. On the toolbar, click Products.
2. Search for the product you want to add a listing SKU to (see Searching for Products for more details).
3. Once you find the product to be edited, click the Master SKU to open the Product Details page.

4. On the Product Details page, click the Listing SKUs tab.
5. Click New Listing SKU.

6. On the Add Listing window, select the channel, enter the additional listing SKU, and the fulfillment latency days. Then, if you want Skubana to push inventory to the new listing SKU, check the Push Skubana inventory to this listing box.

NOTE: Fulfillment latency days only apply to the Amazon sales channel.

7. Click Save.
8. Back on the Product Details page, you should see the additional record on the Listing SKU list. Click Save.

The additional listing SKU is also displayed under the Product Details panel on the lower-right of the main Products page.

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