To avoid sending an order to an incorrect or wrong address, you need to validate a customer's address before shipping an order.

Validated Addresses

Extensiv Order Manager displays an icon to indicate the validation status of an order's delivery address. This icon appears in the Orders Module alongside the recipient's name and in the Order Fulfillment - Recipient screen.

Extensiv Order Manager will detect that a shipping address has not been validated, and will display a message to this effect on the Order Fulfillment panel within the Orders module. The error message disappears once you validate the address.

To validate a customer's shipping address, follow the procedure below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Orders.
2. On the Search/Filter By panel on the left, search for the order to be shipped.

NOTE: For help in using the Order module's Search function, see Searching for Orders.

3. On the Orders panel in the center, click anywhere on the row showing the order.
4. On the Order Fulfillment panel on the right, click the Recipient tab.
5. Click Validate to start validating the address. Once successful, an Address Verified message is displayed at the bottom of the Order Fulfillment panel.

You can then continue with the order fulfillment process, secure in the knowledge that possible shipping errors due to an incorrect address may have been minimized.

Automatic Address Correction

In addition to validating delivery addresses, Extensiv Order Manager can also automatically standardize and correct addresses for supported countries.

This feature is enabled and disabled on a per-store basis.

  1. Go to the Settings Module - Sales Channels tab

  2. Select a Sales Channel. Click on the Edit icon.

  3. Mark "Automatically standardize incorrect order addresses" as checked.

Note: The "Automatically standardize incorrect order addresses" function will first try to use the ship method shipping provider assigned to the order. If none exists, the order of priority is based on what providers you have in your Extensiv Order Manager account. The default order will go as follows: Endicia, UPS, FedEx. If your Extensiv Order Manager account does not use any of those three providers, the validation will default to Endicia.

4. Click Save.

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