To put an order on hold until a specified date, head over to the Orders module by using the Toolbar on the upper part of the screen.

1. On the Search/Filter pane on the left, search for the order to be put on hold.

For help in searching the Order module, see Searching for Orders.

NOTE: An order that is Pending Fulfillment, Shipped or Cancelled cannot be put on hold.

2. When a record that meets the search criteria is found, it is displayed on the Orders pane in the middle. Select the order, then click [  Edit   ], hover over the (  Hold Until... ) item, then move over to the calendar and select a hold date for the order.

3. On the Hold Orders window, click the [  Yes - Hold ] button to confirm.

The order is put on hold until the specified date, then it reverts back to its previous status.

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