Before importing your listing SKUs to your manual sales channel, or any sales channel for that matter, you first need to download our Microsoft Excel template for listing SKU import here. Enter the required information on the template, then save the file to your computer since you will need it to upload your listing SKUs to the selected channel.

NOTE: For more information on the Listing SKU import spreadsheet, see Preparing the Listing SKU Spreadsheet.

To bulk add listing SKUs to your sales channels, including manual ones, follow the procedure below.

1. On the toolbar, click Products.
2. Click Import/Export, then Import Listing SKUs.
3. On the Listing SKU Import window, select the sales channel to which you will add the listing SKUs, select the previously-filled up Excel template from your computer, then indicate whether you want the file to update information on existing SKUs. If you are adding your listing SKUs for the channel for the first time, just leave the default setting as-is. Otherwise, indicate whether you want to update the listing SKUs or not.

4. Click Continue to start the upload process. Wait for the upload to finish, then check the Products page to see if Skubana properly uploaded your listing SKUs.

NOTE: Open the master SKU record, then click the Listing SKUs tab, to view the listing SKUs attached to a master SKU.

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