The Orders module's search function offers two ways to search for records in Skubana.

The first one uses the traditional search function, which involves narrowing down your search by entering as much information on the Search fields as possible.

  1. On the Toolbar, click Orders.

2. On the Orders page, the Search/Filter By panel can be seen on the left. Click the Search icon on the top right of the Search panel to display the fields (effectively, your search criteria) you can use to narrow down your search. You can search by status, order number, sales channel, warehouse, recipient, country, buyer's email address and user name, SKU, and the order date.
3. Enter your search criteria, then click Search. The records that meet your criteria are then displayed on the center panel of the Orders page.

In the example below, most of the the search fields were filled up to narrow down the search. You may opt to enter just one search term, if you want.

The second way involves searching for specific records in your order's various stages.

1. On the Toolbar, click Orders.
2. On the Orders page, you can see the various stages an order may be in: Unresolved, Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting 3PL Export, Awaiting Dropship, Pending Fulfillment, Shipped, On Hold, and Canceled. If you know the stage where the order record is currently in, click the stage, then look for the record on the center panel of the Orders page.

If you do not know the record's current stage, you have to click, then go through the records under each stage.

In the example below, since you know that your order is missing product info, you click Missing Product info under the Unresolved tab.

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