1. Click on the settings page of Skubana and select the vendors tab.

2. Click on + new vendor and select this vendor is a dropshipper on the right hand side. 

3. Fill out the required information and press save.

(Once you press save a virtual drop ship warehouse will populate in the inventory page of Skubana)

If your dropshipper supports an FTP connection please follow the steps below to setup the formatting: 

4. Click on the vendor and select connection settings in the middle right hand corner of the page. 


5. In the server connection tab put in your FTP credentials.

6. In the orders export, shipments import and inventory import tabs you will be able to set up the columns that are required by your vendor for these files.

7. In the Field Mappings tab you will be able to translate sales channel names, shipping provider and service level names as well.

8. Press save. 

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