Inventory Dependent Warehouses are fulfillment centers that receive inventory from a Master Warehouse, which is where inventory from your purchase orders are initially received, before these are shipped out to your dependent warehouses. These are designed to help automate purchase orders and forecast your sales.

Say for example that your products come from China to your master warehouse. These are then shipped off to Amazon US Dist. Center, Amazon. UK Dist. Center, and a Mid-Country 3PL, all distribution centers dependent on the master warehouse for their products.

To add inventory dependent warehouses to your master warehouse:

1. Click Settings on the toolbar.

2. On the left sidebar, click Warehouses. From here, you can create your master warehouses or attach dependent warehouses to your existing ones.

3. To add inventory dependent warehouses to one of your master warehouses, click the wrench icon to the right of the warehouse name, then click Inventory Dependents.

4. On the Inventory Dependent Warehouses page, click the Add Warehouse list, then choose the warehouses you want to become your inventory dependent warehouses.

5. When done, click Save.

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