Skubana relies on the custom label on the listing to integrate with eBay. If any custom labels are missing, the inventory and orders cannot be processed properly and an email will be sent to the appropriate account holder to advise which listings could not be properly processed.

To edit your custom labels, your eBay account must be subscribed to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro. Logon to your eBay account, My eBay → Activity tab → Selling Manager / Selling Manager Pro. If you are not subscribed, go to your subscriptions and subscribe to Selling Manager.

After doing so, you can now set up your custom labels. If doing a bulk edit, we recommend revising your active listings using File Exchange. However, everything can also be done directly on eBay's interface as well.

You can also choose to bulk update using File Exchange. Again, you will have to subscribe to Selling Manager to access file exchange.

Use our attached spreadsheet to revise your current listings without a custom label.

NOTE: For the custom label, we recommend using the Master SKU. However, this field must be unique to your active listings, including international listings, on eBay.

You will have to download your active listings from eBay as you are required to include the item ID of your listing. To get the Item IDs for your listings:

  1. My eBay > File Exchange → Create a Download Request
  2. Listing and record: Active → Download Format: Standard → Date Range: All active listings > Enter email address →Save
  3. Completed Downloads → Download (Compressed)
  4. Grab the itemID column.

After you have completely filled out the spreadsheet navigate to File Exchange → Upload Files

Then, select your file location → and upload. You should get an email with the details of your upload, including any errors that may have occurred during the process.

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