If you don't want your eBay listings to become inactive when you run out stock, you can enable Out of Stock Control for your eBay sales channel in Extensiv Order Manager. Enabling this setting will keep out-of-stock listings active on eBay while hiding them from search results. When inventory is added again, the active listings will reappear in search results.

Follow the steps below to enable the Out of Stock Control for eBay sales channels in Extensiv Order Manager.

  1. Go to the Settings module and click on Sales Channels.

  2. Click into the row for your eBay sales channel and click on the Edit button at the top of the page.

  3. In the sales channel window, click on the Connection tab.

  4. In the Connection tab, click on the Edit Integration button.

5. In the eBay integration window, select the checkbox for eBay Out of Stock Control to activate this setting. To save, click the Launch eBay Authorization button.

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