Skubana's Orders module is where everything related to your orders are stored. Here, you can:

  • View and manage orders pulled in by Skubana from your sales channels
  • Manually add orders
  • Ship orders
  • Add orders to your shipping queues
  • View and update order status and information
  • Search/filter orders based on status
  • Print packing slips and pick lists
  • Merge orders
  • Import orders and shipments from your sales channels and warehouses
  • Export selected order information for hand-off to your sales channels and warehouses

The Order module's layout is followed all throughout Skubana, making for a more efficient and easier-to-learn system. There may be slight differences per module, but the pattern (search on the right, general info at the top or middle, details on the left or at the bottom) is generally the same. On the left side, you can see the Search/Filter pane, the page's middle is where your orders are visible, order fulfillment details can be viewed on the right, and your orders' item details are at the bottom.

For more details on the operations that you can perform inside the Orders module, click here.

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