Without associating your products to your vendors you will not be able to create Purchase Orders in the system for your products.

To Add Vendor Products

1. On the toolbar, click Products.
2. On the Products page, click the master SKU to which you want to add your vendor product information to.

3. On the Product Details window, click the Vendor Products tab, then New Vendor Product.

4. On the Add Vendor Product window, on the Product Details section on the left, select the vendor from the list, enter the vendor SKU, minimum order quantity, and lead time for purchasing the product. If you wish to use the auto po generator you can select how you would like us to round your PO's. If you require special packaging for the product you can add that in as well. If you have multiple vendors for the same product and you want Skubana to auto-generate a PO for the product, check the Default Product box. Otherwise, Skubana will select the first vendor product it finds when auto-generating POs.

On the Pricing Tiers section on the right, if the vendor product does not have any pricing tier, make a single tier from 0 to 10,000 (or any quantity that your customers will not likely purchase), enter the price, then click Add. If you do have pricing tiers, the first tier, for example will be from 0-100. The second tier will then automatically start at 101, and so on and so forth, with the price normally going down as the tier goes up.

On the Units of Measure section, click the Add icon, then enter the name and unit quantity for the unit of measure, e.g. if the product is sold by box, enter box for the name and 1 for the unit quantity.

5. When you have completed entering the required information, click Save.
6. Back on the Product Details window, you should see the vendor product displayed on the list. Click Save to close the window and go back to the Products page.

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