When an order is tagged as an Unresolved Order - Missing Fulfillment Source, it means that no stock of the order's master SKU/s exists in the in-house warehouse supposed to fulfill the order.

To resolve these orders, you need to select a different fulfillment source with existing stock of the master SKUs. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Click Orders on the Toolbar, select Unresolved>Missing Fulfillment Source on the Search/Filter panel, then click the order number that appears on the panel to the right.
2. On the Order Details window, click the Order Fulfillment tab, select a different fulfillment method and source, then review the other information for completeness.
3. Click Save.

Once you change the fulfillment source to a an in-house warehouse with stock of the master SKU, Skubana will allocate a stock item and resolve the issue with the order. To check, go back to the Orders module, where the order should have been resolved and be Awaiting Shipment.

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