The SKU Profitability report shows how much profit you're making from each product in your inventory. Note that ALL hidden fees, including return fees, dormant inventory fees, long-term storage fees, commissions, and COGS, are excluded from the report to come up with the exact gross and unit margins for each of your SKUs.

After Skubana pulls all of your fee data and overhead costs, the report reveals the exact gross and unit margins for each of your SKUs, organizing them by their profit margins and implied shares.

The Implied Share gauges how much a SKU contributes to the overall profit margins of your business. Anything above 0 is a positive influence, and below is negative.

Use your given data to identify where each SKU underperforms per channel. Watch your implied shares to ensure each SKU is performing well – if not, you’ll either have to liquidate, or optimize your specific listings. Bring your products above 0 implied share to bring in profitable revenue. Identify what’s weighing you down and decide the course of action.

To run the report, click Analytics on the toolbar, click Products on the left sidebar, then click SKU Profitability.

IMPORTANT! The report computes profitability from the time your SKUs were set up in Skubana. It is not possible for historical data, or any data prior to your signup for a Skubana account, to be included in the report.

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