What does this report reveal?

This report reveals your entire accounting summary for each individual sales channel from incomes and discounts to refunds and taxes.

How to read this report?

To read this report, select a sales channel or any combination of sales channels, then select a date range to compile your overall financial data within that date range. After discounts, refunds and taxes, see how much those costs take out from your overall income providing you with a more accurate profit reflection.

What actions to take after analyzing this report?

After your analysis, you can determine where your costs are hurting your profits. Take careful notice that your income leaves you with enough of a margin to be flexible with your discounts. If your costs are too high from discounts and refunds, consider either stopping sales over high-returned items or discontinuing discount programs.

How to export this report

This report is exportable in Microsoft Excel format. For instructions, see Exporting Reports.

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