A 3PL warehouse is one that ships your products for you.

There a few things you need to know before setting it up in Skubana:

1. Will you be connecting to your 3PL via FTP, API, OR EDI connection?

If the answer was FTP you will need the information below in order to fully set it up:

  • FTP Crendentials
  • Folder paths for the Orders export, shipment import and inventory import.
  • Archive paths for the orders export and shipment import.
  • A sample of an order export file your warehouse can support
  • A sample of a shipment file your warehouse will be sending back. (Shipping Carrier, Sales Channel, Tracking number & Order Number are required on this file)
  • A sample of an inventory file your warehouse will be sending back.
  • A list of any sales channel, state, country, and carrier mappings your warehouse might have.
  • Run times for each import/ export please keep in mind these times cannot overlap.
  • Please keep in mind we only support multiline files is csv, excel or text format. They can be fixed or flexible.

If the answer was API, if we do not have a connection already built with your warehouse you will need to find a developer on your end to build out the connection into Skubana for your warehouse. They can begin the process by filling out the form in the link below:


(Please keep in mind we do not do any custom development all custom development must be done on your end upon our developers approval.)

If the answer was EDI please speak with your account manager to see if we have any partners that support your warehouse.

Once you've assessed the information above, you can add your 3PL warehouse by going to the settings page and clicking on the warehouses tab and selecting +new warehouse.

Here you can select the second option and begin the process.

You will need to add the basic info and returns locations for your warehouse despite how you are connecting to it. This is all information that can be modified after you save it.

If you are connecting to your 3PL via FTP you will need to fill out the Communication Settings portion of the warehouse setup below:

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