What does this report reveal?

This report reveals your worst selling SKUs by either the least amount of units sold or least amount of revenue generated. These SKUs are hurting your profit margins, so this report requires immediate focus.

How to read this report? 

This report helps you identify which SKUs are hurting your business, whether it is a lack of sales, or a lack of revenue generated. You can adjust the date range and break down your worst sellers by either units sold, or total revenue generated with a click of a button.

What actions to take after analyzing this report

After your analysis, recognize whether or not these SKUs are worth keeping or liquidating. If you keep these SKUs, you will have to focus your resources on optimizing its listings, lowering their prices, or allocate them to your better performing sales channels.

How to export this report

This report is exportable in Microsoft Excel format by clicking on the top right hand corner of the page.

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