What does this report reveal?

This report compares a specific product's performance during the current year with its performance the previous year, or a product's Year-On-Year growth, while identifying trends of high-performance peak seasons.

How to read this report?

This report compares the orange line (this year) with the blue (last year) and identifies your products’ performance trends. You can narrow down this data to a specific sales channel or a collection of sales channels.

What actions to take after analyzing this report?

After identifying your trends, ensure your performance runs comparatively similar, or better than, the previous year. If you notice a decline where you should be excelling, check your competitors, check stock levels, and reprice to increase sales and beat your competition. Identify your trends, prepare your inventory, and capitalize on your optimal seasons.

How can this report be exported? 

This report can be downloaded by clicking on the hamburger menu at the right hand corner of the page.

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