To create an RMA, head over to the Orders module.

1. On the Search/Filter pane on the left, click Shipped and select a sub-item to view orders that have already been shipped.

2. On the Orders pane in the middle, select the order that needs an RMA, then click Create RMA.

3. In the Create RMA window, you can create an RMA with or without a shipping label. You declare this through the checkmark below called "This RMA includes a shipping label". If you do include one, it will be emailed to the email address indicated below IF the "Email Label?" checkbox is marked. The information required to make the RMA will vary depending on whether or not you include the shipping label.

4. Be sure to select the correct Return To location for the order. Enter all required shipping, measurement and RMA information if you are including a shipping label. 

4. Click Calculate Shipping Rate to find out the rate for the return label.

5. Click the Returned Items tab and select the the items for return from the list. Be sure to select the correct product item and quantity being returned.

6. Click Save.

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