When an order is in the Unresolved - Missing Stock Location status it means that a product in the order has no pick location with available stock at the warehouse it is assigned to.

To resolve these orders, you need to make sure that the warehouse has adequate stock of the ordered item in a pick location. To do this, follow the procedure below.

1. Click Orders on the Toolbar, select Unresolved>Missing Stock Location on the Search/Filter panel, then click the order record that appears on the panel to the right (make sure to click anywhere but on the order number).

2. On the Order Items panel at the bottom, note that there is a No Pick Location error message. Take note copy the Master SKU since you will be using it in Step 4 below.
3. On the Order Fulfillment panel on the right, take note of the fulfillment method and source. You will need these to complete Step 6 below.

For Steps 4-6, you will go to the Inventory module.

4. On the toolbar, click Inventory, then paste the SKU in the search bar.
5. Click on the name of the SKU and on the right hand side if there is no pick location select the + new pick location option and create one. If there is a pick location there already you can click on it and press edit and add in stock for the item.

Once you add stock to the source, Skubana will allocate the stock to the order and resolve the issue with the order. To check, go back to the Orders module, where the order should have been resolved and should be in Awaiting Shipment status. 

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