Order information can be exported to a CSV, Excel, or plain text file. You can choose to export selected information only, or all the available information, you just have to set up the export file.

To export orders, follow the procedure below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Orders.
2. On the Search/Filter By panel on the left, search for the order to be exported.

NOTE: For help in using the Order module's Search function, see Searching for Orders.

3. Select a record or multiple records on the Orders panel in the center, click Import/Export, then Export Orders.
4. On the Export Selected Orders window, click Configure Settings.

5. On the Order Export Settings window, click New Settings.

6. On the New Export Settings window, enter the settings name (this can be anything, but a descriptive one would be best, e.g. Export_All_Orders), select a file and date format, then select either Multi-line or Delimited in the Multi SKUs field. If you select delimited, you will need to enter a delimiter to separate each record in the export file.

For a more detailed explanation of the fields under the File Configuration section, see the following table.

7. On the Export Fields section, map the available data from Skubana into your required file format. This ensures that the export orders process will be error-free.

If column headers are required, make sure to check the Include column headers box.

8. Click Save to close the New Export Settings window.
9. On the Order Export Settings window, the new export settings is displayed on the list. Click Close.
10. On the Export Selected Orders window, select the new export settings from the list, then click Export Orders. The export file will then be sent to your email.

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