In Extensiv Order Manager, you can exclude stock from specific warehouses at the SKU level so the available inventory at the specified warehouse is not pushed to the sales channels.

Follow the steps below to add a warehouse to the Excluded Warehouses list for a specific SKU.

1. Go to the Inventory module.

2. In the Stock tab, click into a master SKU.

3. In Inventory Rules window, click on the Excluded Warehouses tab.

4. In the Add Warehouses to Exclude dropdown, select the warehouses that you want to add to this list and click the Save button. Once warehouses are added to this list, Extensiv Order Manager will push an inventory update to your sales channels to remove the available inventory for this SKU from these warehouses.

NOTE: To review changes that were made to the Excluded Warehouses list for any of your SKUs, click into the Master SKU in the Inventory module and click on the Edit History tab in the Inventory Rules window.

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