Pay-on-Use Return Labels are NOT prepaid by your company, meaning that the postage cost is only deducted from your Endicia account if and when the return label is scanned. This means you no longer have to pay in advance for return labels that may remain unused, as well as spend valuable time requesting for refunds on unused return labels.

Pay-on-Use return labels are also more convenient - you have the option to include them when you ship your orders, or send them on demand via email or mail. Sending via email means additional savings.

A $0.25 transaction fee is automatically deducted from your Endicia account when a Pay-on-Use return label is scanned.

If you already have an existing Endicia Professional account, you can call Endicia and have them enable this feature for you.

If you do not have an existing Endicia account, you must set one up in Skubana. For more info on how to do this, see Integrating with Endicia.

To know more about Endicia's Pay-On-Use labels, click here.

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