Through the PO, or Purchase Orders, module, Skubana simplifies your vendor management process through its capability to auto-generate purchase orders when your stocks reach a certain threshold, e.g. a product's stock is past your minimum inventory levels. The PO module allows you to:

  • Manually create POs
  • Add, print, send (and re-send), receive, void, and cancel your POs
  • Authorize and, when a PO gets updated, re-authorize POs
  • View status, e.g. await authorization, confirmation and re-authorization, of your POs
  • View details of your POs, including items covered by a PO
  • Update details and costs, and manage milestones of your POs

Like most of the other modules in Skubana, the PO module has a Search/Filter panel on the left side. The main PO panel is on top, and the PO details at the bottom. Select a PO from the main panel, and its details are then displayed at the bottom. You can perform operations on the POs by clicking the buttons at the top. Operations on the detailed items under each PO are performed by clicking the buttons on the right of the PO Details pane (you have to select an item under a PO first before you can edit or remove it from the PO).

For more details on the operations that you can perform inside the PO module, click here.

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