Skubana allows you to export your available order information out of Skubana into a CSV, Excel, or text file for whatever purpose, including importing the records into your own or a third-party system.

To export orders out of Skubana, follow the instructions below:

1. On the toolbar, click Orders.
2. On the Orders page, select the orders for export out of Skubana by checking the boxes on the left. If you want to export all records, check the topmost box to select all records.

3. Click Import/Export, then Export Orders.

4. On the Export Selected Orders window, click Configure Settings.

5. On the Order Export Settings window, click New Settings.

6. Name the export settings, select the format for the file (CSV, Excel or Text), the date format to be appended to the name of the generated file, and how you want the file to treat multi-SKU records (whether to export them as multiple records, or use a delimiter, which you can enter on the box to the Delimit field). You will then need to select the fields you want to include in the generated file from the Export Fields list.

In the below example, the Export_All_Orders settings will generate a comma-delimited CSV file with the customer name, order date and product name for all orders.

7. Click Save.
8. Back on the Order Export Settings window, the name of your newly-added export settings is now displayed on the list. Click Close.

9. Back on the Export Selected Orders window, select the newly-added export settings from the list, then click Export Orders. The generated file will then be emailed to you.

Next time you need to generate the same file, perform steps 1-3 in the above procedure, select the settings from the Export Settings list, then click Export Orders to generate a new file.

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