Skubana's Products module allows you to manage your products across all your sales channels more effectively and efficiently. Here, you can:

  • Build your products database by importing files from your channels
  • Add new products
  • Import products, listing SKUs, vendor products, and SKU adjustments
  • Export products, listing SKUs, and vendor products
  • Adjust SKUs
  • Convert core products to bundles/kits, and vice-versa
  • Deactivate products you are no longer selling
  • Track your product record's history, from the time it was uploaded to Skubana until the most recent changes

The Products module has a Search/Filter panel on the left, and the main product panel on the right. When you highlight a product on the right, the bottom part of the Products page refreshes to display a summary view of the product's details, including an image of the product and its sales record since being defined in Skubana. Clicking a product's master SKU brings up a window that gives out more details about the product. Buttons that allow you to perform operations on your products are located at the top.

For more details on the operations that you can perform inside the Products module, click here.

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