Extensiv Order Manager uses Auto-Reorder rules to calculate when to auto-generate POs for your vendors for inventory replenishment purposes. Please note, the Auto PO feature must be turned on in Settings > Company Info > Purchase Order Settings. The Extensiv team suggests having at least 4-6 weeks of historical data in the system prior to turning on the feature to ensure the calculations are more accurate.

Creating Auto-Reorder Rules

1. On the Inventory page, click the Master SKU hyperlink that you would like to have an Auto-Reorder Rule.

2. On the Inventory Rules dialog box, the Auto-Reorder Rules tab opens by default. The variables can be reviewed in depth on the left hand side. Default numbers will be selected, however, you can configure the variables for this Master SKU to fit your Purchase Order needs.

3. After you have all of the required information in place, click Calculate P.O. Estimates. This will then give you estimate information on this Master SKU that will be helpful when reordering. It will appear as follows:

4. Click Save.

Creating Auto-Reorder Rules in bulk

  1. On the Inventory Module header, click import/export and select import reorder rules.

2. Download the template and fill it out.

3. Save the template and import it in by clicking on select file and clicking continue.

⚠️ The Auto Reorder rules can be set at a global level by going to Settings > Company Info > Inventory Settings. Please note, any changes to this section will override any custom configurations done at the Master SKU level.

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