The Products module's search function offers two ways to search for products in Extensiv Order Manager.

  • Search Filter

  • Categories & Labels

Search Filter

The first type uses the traditional search function, which involves filtering by criteria such as Name, SKU, Brand, etc. You can access it from the Products module by selecting the 🔎 icon in the top left of the window. The results of your search are displayed on the Products page's right panel after clicking the Search button.

Categories & Labels

The second way involves filtering by specific categories or labels applied to your SKUs. In order to leverage this filtering feature, you will need to have applied categories or labels to your products during the product creation process. However, Categories and Labels can be added to products at any time.

You are also able to filter the products shown by multiple categories at once by using Ctrl/Command + Click on each category or label. This will show you the products that belong to both/all categories you selected. In the example below, we are filtering for items that belong to both the Accessories and Apparel category.

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