When an order is tagged as an Unresolved Order - Orderbot Conflict, it means that multiple orderbots are trying to apply the same action for the order, e.g. both orderbots are trying to change the shipping service.

To resolve issues with these orders, you can either edit any of the conflicting orderbots to ensure that they are not applying the same action to the order, or deactivate the orderbot that is causing the conflict and may no longer be needed.

For more information on editing an orderbot, see Editing an Orderbot.

For more information on deactivating an orderbot, see Deactivating an Orderbot.

However, Orderbots don't work retroactively. This means, they don't work for existing orders, only for ones that come in after they've been created or edited. Therefore, for this problem, the issue needs to be corrected manually. Future orders will all be processed through the corrected orderbots.

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