Using Channel Allocation and Auto-Reorder rules are perfect ways to ensure that you don't run out of stock of your product and oversell.

By setting up Channel Allocations for your products, you can tell Skubana how much of your available stock to show to each of your sales channels.

This is not only a great way to avoid overselling, but also a great way to give customers a sense of urgency to buy. Strategically limiting the available quantity can creating a perception of scarcity, causing the customer to buy now.

Allocation rules can be set up for products individually or in bulk on a global level.

To set up Channel Allocations, head over to the Inventory module by using the Skubana toolbar on the upper part of the screen.

Select either Core Products or Kits/Bundles from the Bulk Edit dropdown menu. All Core Products will have the Allocation Rules updated or all Kits/Bundles  will have the Allocation Rules updated, respectively.

Set Channel Allocation Rules in the first tab, and set Excluded Warehouses in the second tab, and click Save. Your new Rules will soon be applied on all Core or Bundle Products.

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