Any orders that have a Master SKU with not enough stock to fulfill an order will be in the Unresolved - Out of Stock order status. To resolve these orders, you with either need to add inventory in the warehouse for the item that is out of stock or change the fulfillment to a warehouse that has stock.

To resolve the issue by adding inventory, follow the steps below.

1. Select the Orders module on the Toolbar. Within the "Filter By" pane on the left, expand the Unresolved status filter to see the Out of Stock status. Then click the order you wish to resolve (click on the order line, not the blue hyperlink).

2. On the Order Items panel at the bottom, note that there is an Out of Stock error message on the Master SKU that is out of stock at the currently assigned warehouse. Take note of the Master SKU since you will be adding more of this SKU to your inventory in Step 4 below.

3. On the Order Fulfillment panel on the right, take note of the fulfillment method and source. You will need these to complete Step 6 below.

For Steps 4-6, you will go to the Inventory module.

4. On the Toolbar, click Inventory, then enter the SKU in the search bar.

5. The Master SKU record appears on the Search Results panel immediately below the search bar. Click the record to display the Stock Details panel on the right.

6. Look for the fulfillment method and source on the Stock Details panel. You will need to add or adjust stock to the source to resolve the order. For instructions on how to do this, see Manually Adding to a Product's Stock.

Once you add stock to the source, Extensiv Order Manager will allocate a stock item and resolve the

issue with the order. To check, go back to the Orders module, where the order should have been resolved and should be Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting 3PL Export, or Awaiting Dropship, depending on the order's fulfillment method and source.

Note that Extensiv Order Manager allocates inventory to the oldest orders first in a FIFO (First In First Out Method)

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