Extensiv Order Manager will automatically calculate order weight if all of the products in the order have weights assigned to them. Including the order weight when shipping orders leads to more accurate shipping rates.

To enable Extensiv Order Manager to automatically calculate order weight based on product weight, enter the product weight when creating or updating products. If you want to enter the weight for an existing product, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to Extensiv Order Manager.

2. Go to the Products module.

3. Click into a master SKU.

4. In the Basic Info tab, go the Measurements section, input the product weight in pounds and/or ounces, and click on the Save button.

You can also enter the product dimensions (height, width, and length) in the Measurements section of the Basic Info tab. Entering the product dimensions will enable Extensiv Order Manager to automatically populate the order dimensions for orders containing a single unit of this product.

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