Skubana automatically computes an order's weight when you have weights defined for the SKUs included in the order. This helps save valuable time spent on computing an order's weight, which is necessary for more accurate shipping rate computations.

You can enter an SKU's weight when you create a product (for more details, see Adding Products to Skubana). If you have not entered a weight for an SKU yet, you may do so now by following the procedure below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Products.
2. On the Products list, click the master SKU number to display the Products Details window.

3. Under the Basic Info tab, on the Measurements section, enter the SKU's weight.

You may also enter the SKU's dimensions (height, width, and length) in this section. This will let Skubana automatically enter the SKU's dimensions next time it processes an order that includes the SKU.

4. Click Save.

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