Skubana allows you to Multi Channel Fulfill your orders through Amazon if you have added your Amazon sales channel in your account. MCF is an optional feature provided by Amazon FBA that allows you to receive the same Amazon standards for shipping and fulfillment for orders made from your other channels. If all fulfillment methods are selected and orders are Awaiting MC Fulfillment, such orders will automatically be exported to Amazon every 15 minutes.

To MCF an order

1. Click on the order number you would like to MCF & click on the processing tab.

2. Switch the fulfillment method to Multi- Channel Fulfillment and select the Amazon Dist Center you want the order to be shipped from. After selecting the distribution center, select the desired shipping service from the following options:

  • Standard shipping - takes three to five business days
  • Expedited shipping - takes two business days
  • Priority - takes one business day

3. Select the fulfillment type from the following options:

  • Fill or Kill - a situation where, if a product cannot be fulfilled before Amazon starts processing the order, the entire order will be cancelled.
  • Fill All - all fulfillable products will be sent out immediately and unfulfillable products will be updated with a pending status until that product is back in-stock or you manually cancel it.
  • Fill All Available - Amazon will ship any products it can fulfill at the moment it is given the designation and remove the ones that it cannot ship.

4. Click the Save button at the bottom right hand corner of the processing panel.

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