After setting up an orderbot to automatically MCF an order, your order for a bundle will be tagged as an Out of Stock Unresolved Order.

To resolve the order and multi-channel fulfill the bundle, follow the procedure below.

1. On the Orders module, click the order in question to display the Order Details window and navigate to the Order Items tab, where you can see the ordered product(s).

When an arrow button is available next to the unit price, this indicates that the item is a Breakdown, as Skubana calls it, or a bundle SKU that can be broken down into its individual core products.

2. Click the arrow button to display a new window where you can enter the unit price and tax amount required to break down the bundle.
3. Click Save to initiate the breakdown.

Once you click Save, if the core SKUs are in stock, the order moves into Awaiting MC Fulfillment, and the order automatically sent for multi-channel fulfillment (under the condition that fulfillment services are set).

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