Orders in missing product information status mean one of two things. 

1. The listing SKU for the channel is not tied to the product in Skubana.


2. The product is non existent in Skubana.

If there are many orders in missing product information status best practice would be to run the build from channel on the products page to bring in any missing products you might have. Once these products are pushed into the account the orders will resolve themselves and move into the next status.

If there are a few orders in missing product information status follow the steps in the video below to resolve them.

1. Select the order

2. Click on the red link (Not found click to resolve)

3. Select the first option and search to see if you can find that product in Skubana. If you can select the product and press save. If you cannot press cancel and select the second option (+) to add the product to Skubana.

(Remember Name, Brand and Master SKU are required to create a product) 

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