To manually add stock to a product, follow the instructions below.

1. On the toolbar, click Inventory.
2. Search for the SKU or product you want to add more stocks to, then select the item once found.

NOTE: For more details on searching within the Inventory module, see Searching Inventory.

3. On the Stock Details panel on the right, you can see the warehouse/s where you keep your inventory for the selected item. Click the warehouse where you want to put your additional stock, then select a location under the Stock Breakdown section.
4. Click Edit, then Add.

If you want to add stock to a new location, click New Stock instead. Skip to Step 6.

5. On the Add Stock window, enter the number of stock to be added to the location, then click Save. You may also enter an optional note for record purposes.

Skip to Step 9 to see how the record will look like once the stock has been added.

6. Clicking New Stock in Step 4 opens the New Stock window, where you need to enter the name of the new location, uncheck the Pickable and Receivable boxes if not applicable, then enter the number of new stock on the On Hand box.

You may also specify a minimum stock level on the Min. Level box. If you do not wish to set a minimum stock level, enter '0.'

NOTE: The minimum stock level is the number of items you always want to have on hand. Depending on your setup, Skubana will auto-reorder for you if your stock goes below this level.

7. Click Continue.
8. You will then be asked to configure the order in which you want Skubana to deduct inventory from your warehouse locations. By default, the newly-added location is ranked at the bottom. You may drag the location in your preferred order.

9. Click Save. On the Stock Details panel, if you are adding stock to an existing location, you will see the stock added to the location.

If you are adding stock to a new location, you will see the location added to the specified warehouse.

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