To disable pushing of your inventory to a sales channel, follow the steps below:

1. On the toolbar, click Products.
2. On the Products page, click Import/Export, then Export Listing SKUs.

3. On the Export Listing SKUs page, select the sales channel that you would like to disable the inventory push for, then click Export Listing SKUs. You will then receive an email from Skubana with an attached Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing all of your current listing SKUs for the selected sales channel.

4. Copy and paste the SKUs into a template you can download here and make sure Column C - Push Inventory to Channel? is set to FALSE.
5. Go back to the Products page, click Import/Export, then Import Listing SKUs.
6. On the Listing SKU Import page, select the sales channel, then the filled-up template from your computer. Leave as-is the default Yes answer to the Update existing SKUs if changes found in the Excel file question at the bottom.
7. Click Continue to upload the file.

Repeat the procedure to disable pushing of inventory for your other sales channels.

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