The way to handle this in Skubana is to define your products and packaging items as core products, then create a bundled product comprising these core products.

For example, say you're selling protein bars in boxes of six. The procedure for setting this up in Skubana would be as follows:

1. Create protein bar as a core product.
2. Create box as another core product.
3. Create a bundle comprising six protein bars and a box.

Every time you sell the kit, your inventory of protein bars and boxes would be less by six and one, respectively.

iI you set up auto P.O generation as well as auto-reorder rules for these products, Skubana will auto-generate POs for your suppliers so that you can replenish your inventory when stock levels become critically low.

For more information on core products and bundles, as well as other product types in Skubana, see Product Types.

For more information on auto-generation of POs, see How are POs automatically generated?

For more information on auto-reorder rules, see Creating Auto-Reorder Rules.

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