Extensiv Order Manager allows you to transfer stock from one location to another location. This example will show you how to transfer stock from location to location within the same warehouse.

To Manually Transfer Stock to Another Location

1. On the toolbar, navigate to the Inventory Module.

2. In the Search Bar at the top, enter the SKU or product you want to transfer, then select the item once found. For this example, we will transfer inventory from the "TEST" location to the "RLOC" location within the In-House Warehouse.

3. On the Stock Details panel on the right, you can see the warehouse(s) where you keep your inventory for the selected item. Click into the warehouse where you will be transferring the product from. Then, select a location with available inventory to transfer under the Stock Breakdown section.

4. Click Edit, then Transfer.

5. On the Location Transfer window, enter the number of stock to be transferred, add an optional note for record purposes, then click Save.

Back on the Inventory module's Stock Details panel, under the Stock Breakdown section, the available stock for each location gets updated based on the amount transferred stock.

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