If you are using direct, or in-house, fulfillment, you will need to print shipping labels prior to the providers picking up the orders for delivery to your customers. This ensures your availment of the negotiated, or preferential, rates charged by your shipping providers.

NOTE: Before you print shipping labels, make sure that the orders have been shipped first in Skubana. For more information on how to ship your orders using Skubana, see Shipping Orders.

There are two ways to print shipping labels in Skubana.

1. Through the Orders module - shipping labels, package slips, and pick lists can be printed right after adding orders to a shipping queue. See Shipping Orders for more information.

2. Through the Shipments module - you can print shipping labels for all direct- or in-house-fulfilled orders.

We discuss the second option - printing through the Shipments module - in the procedure below.

To Print Shipping Labels

1. On the Toolbar, click Shipments.
2. On the Shipments page, on the Search/Filter panel on the left, search for the record that needs a shipping label.

NOTE: For help in using the Shipment module's Search function, see Searching for Shipments.

3. On the Shipments page, select the record that needs a shipping label printed, then click Print Labels at the top.
4. On the PDF Options window, select either Download PDF to save a copy of the shipping label to your computer or Open in Browser to display a PDF copy of the shipping label on your browser window.

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