All shipping transactions in Extensiv Order Manager are recorded under our Shipments module. This is where you can print your UPS End of Day form. We keep records of your shipping information for 30 days, so you can reprint your End of Day form for any of those days, if required.

However, for your convenience, you may choose NOT to print the End of Day form anymore since Extensiv Order Manager transmits all the shipping information for your packages directly to UPS when you print your shipping labels. The package icon at the bottom right-hand corner of each UPS shipping label that you print indicates that the package has been pre-scanned and that the End of the Day form as well as the Package Level Detail has been transmitted to UPS.

If a UPS driver asks for the End of Day form, tell them that Extensiv Order Manager sends the shipping information directly to UPS when it prints your shipping labels.

As a UPS Ready® Program member. Skubana utilizes the UPS API to send the shipping information directly to UPS.

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