Skubana offers out-of-the-box integration with UPS, among other shipping providers. One of the services that UPS offers to its customers is UPS SurePost, which offers the convenience of UPS shipping with United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery.

When using UPS SurePost in Skubana, you must make sure that your packaging meets the following requirements:

  • SurePost Less than 1 lb. service accepts packages weighing between 1 ounce–15.9 ounces.
  • SurePost 1lb. or Greater accepts packages weighing between 1 lb.–70 lbs.
  • If you select SurePost Less than 1 lb or SurePost 1 lb or Greater, total dimension of the package cannot exceed 130 inches.
  • If you select SurePost Bound Printed Matter or SurePost Media, total dimension of the package cannot exceed 108 inches.
  • To determine dimension, measure the package length and then add twice the width and twice the height, e.g. if you have a box with length=10 inches, width=5 inches, and height=5 inches, total dimension would be 10 x (5+5) x (5+5) = 30 inches.

Skubana will display the following error message if your packaging exceeds the above-mentioned required dimensions: "The unit of measure is invalid for either the selected service and/or packaging. Verify that the selected Service and Packaging is valid for this shipment type."

To know more about UPS SurePost, click here. Note that this link will open another browser/window and take you to the UPS SurePost website.

To know more about adding shipping providers in Skubana, see Adding Shipping Providers.

To know more about adding UPS as a shipping provider, see How To Integrate with UPS.

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