You must set up your vendors in Skubana before you can create a PO.

To create a PO, follow the steps below:

1. On the Toolbar, click POs.
2. Click New P.O.

3. On the Choose P.O. Vendor box, select the vendor to be covered by the PO.

4. On the New Purchase Order page, enter the required information for the PO. You need to choose one of your warehouses as a destination, and enter a Confirm By date as well as the product/s covered by the PO.

You may also enter a message for the vendor as well as any internal notes on the PO.

5. Once you complete entering the required info for the PO, click either Save & Authorize (if you have Authorize privileges), or Save (if you do not have Authorize privileges).

If you click Save & Authorize, the PO goes into the Awaiting Confirmation stage, where it will stay until a user with the required privileges confirms the PO.

If you click Save, the PO goes into the Awaiting Authorization stage. A user with the required privileges will have to authorize the PO to put it into the Awaiting Confirmation stage.

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